Internet and its two sides of the coin.

Color_Life_by_LewendInternet impacts virtually every single aspect, from personal relationships to education or business. Marketing research is one of the fields that are majorly impacted by the development of the Internet. Years ago, if researchers wanted to look for any information, they had to spend hours and hours to have their noses in a book. In the recent years, the Internet revolution has carved out the opportunities to assist the researchers to compete their jobs more effectively in a timely manner. One of the major assets of the Internet is the flexibility, accessibility and convenience. The Internet can be used as the outstanding communication channel to enrich the data collection in market research. Nowadays, Internet is considered as the excellent resource for researchers to look for information related to their research topics. “Using Internet for research is mainly to gather evidence based resources materials, extract numerous and diverse sample which increases information power and different from university based research” (UKEssay, 2003, para.2).

However, in addition to the positive impacts that Internet has on marketing research, there are some negative issues, that researchers need to be aware of when using internet for doing research. Such as the credibility and reliability of the sources.

The key implications of the Internet for research professionals and marketing companies: Internet is promising to play a prominent role in researching of professionals or marketing companies. The key positive implications of the Internet for research professionals and marketing companies are monitoring, controlling, tracking and interconnecting for every research topics (Dimov, 2012). Because aside from allowing the researchers and researcher companies to get the needed information in the fasted and cheapest way, Internet also helps them listen to have the conversation with the audiences to get their thoughts. Nevertheless, the negative implications are the security issue in collecting data and privacy issue when using Internet, which requires the more attention from the Internet users.




“Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” Personal branding is a powerful and consistent message expressing who you are and what you can offer. People will get to know your strengths, abilities and values through your personal branding.

What is personal branding? Personal branding can be understood as reputation. It is an ongoing process to establish the prescribed image and impression in others’ minds, which can represent you to answer for these questions: Are you a genius? An expert? Are you trustworthy? What do you represent? What do you stand for? What ideas and notions pop up as soon as someone hears your name? Nowadays, people, especially social media users are most likely to build the personal branding online, such as blog or website.

Jeff Bullas, one of the successful personal branding builders, has advised 26 tips to effectively create personal branding online. For instances: Create a platform online, be consistent, create great content, connect to influencers, develop unique voice, etc.

Personal branding is an extremely effective means of increasing presence, confidence, personal impact and motivation, resulting in increased personal effectiveness and productivity. In this competitive business environment, we definitely must be unique, relevant and differentiated from the rest in order to achieve the business goals. Personal branding is the powerful tool not only to support your goals, but also to empower you.

Understanding the importance of personal branding, Forbes had published many articles on personal branding such as “7 Things You Can Do To Build An Awesome Personal Brand” which provides helpful information to beginners.


Red or Blue?


Life is full of color. If red represents for the energy and activeness, blue is associated with calm and peace. Missing red or blue, life will no longer be completed. The difference between red and blue reminds me two contrast movies I had watched years ago – The Social Network and Life of Pi. I found the characteristics of red in the Social Network and shades of blue from the solitude of Life of Pi.

Even though Life of Pi draws a breath-taking story about a survival fight of a small human being against a big fierce animal and the anger of nature, it held me in some quite and slow flashback moments, for me to perceive and view life from another angle.


There are so many times, I am frustrated or disappointed about myself for the failure in achieving some targets. I seem to fall more in depression when seeing people around enjoying their success. It is totally not the envy; it is all about self-dissatisfaction. Watching the type of movie like the Social Network gives me motivation because it urges me to try harder in order not to be out of date from this technological and hectic life. It is a good springboard to push you upward. That is why I see the nature of red in the Social Network. However, the plausible paradox of life is that the more you are excited, the more disappointment you get when you fail.

Those are the moments I need something different, like Life of Pie. I want to “absorb” this life from the solitude angle to appreciate the happiness surrounding me. The happiness which is always existing, but you and I sometimes do not recognize.

No pain is more painful than losing the entire family and no scare is scarier than facing with the boundary of life and death. Pi did face all of them. Pi did not have chance to think about his future, think about his failure, think about his success, think about his career, think about his ambition or even his dream. The only think he can think about is surviving. How to survive!

He is there. And I am here; surrounded by the ones I love and love me. I am here; wrapped tight by the warm and soft comforter. I find how lucky I am. The self-dissatisfied feeling is gone. I care for nothing, except how to value and enjoy the precious life I have with my precious people. And I call it is blue.

I realize that red or blue is not ruled by the circumstances, but by me. I might forget sometimes and paint my life with too much red or too much blue. I need that thirty party to balance myself, enough red to be confident and energetic and enough blue to stay clam and feel the life. Thanks the Social Network and Life of Pi – my red and blue.




Sun shines by the window.


Happyin21 days, is it possible? People may spend their whole lives to seek for happiness, is it possible for me to achieve my happiness in 21 days? That is the first question coming into mind when my pretty Social Media professor told us to experience this campaign. I threw back at her a half smile with the thought “OK, I will try because of …. grading”.

The first day and second day, I followed what she said as a machine. I wrote down the names of three people that I thought of and send out the thank you note to the ones who had done the nice things to me. After the first two days, I started feeling excited because I got back some beautiful messages from the ones I sent the notes to.


The third day, there was no name naturally appearing in mind. But I needed to find some ones. I dig into email, Facebook message folder and cellphone message to recall some events. I was surprised when finding out that there were several messages and emails had been sent to me for months and years but I did not reply, some even were not read. I responded them all with the apologies and addressed all the issues mentioned on those messages. I did not forget to add the nice memories we had together and thank them for every simple thing they did for me, and I am sure some of those, they even did not remember.

It kept going on, not just for 21 days, but until now, probably 60 days more or less. I no longer count the days as I did when starting, because I no longer consider it as an assignment but excitement. I am excited reading their responses ,that how happy they are when getting messages from me, that how surprised they are when I contact them and how beautiful it is when I still remember them. I don’t know if it is call HAPPINESS yet, but I know so well that I am happy with what I have been doing and I have improved my relationships with people around a lot. Sometimes, I find myself smile alone with nothing and I find myself spending more time to enjoy the fresh morning air, the cool breeze or a beautiful wild flower by the street.

I chose the title “Sun shines by the window” for this topic because never better than now, I cherish and love the feeling of waking up early, open the curtain to feel the shinny sunshine through my window. That is when I know I have another new day for loving …..

Thanks Happyin21,






Please help! I’m …. dying


The lack of medical care causes the large numbers of child deaths in Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, every 1000 people, there is only one healthcare worker. And half of African does not have the access to essential drugs, which lead to the fact that every 30 second, at least one African child is killed by malaria or Bilharzia. The public hospital system here is always short of workers, medical equipment, ambulances, towels or bathrooms… Several patients died because of the unavailable or broken equipment. Among African countries, Uganda is account for the worst healthcare matter. In this country, more than 50% of population does not have any contact with public healthcare facilities. One in every 200 births ends the mother’s life, around 1 million people are living with HIV and malaria accounts for 14% of all deaths.


According to the World Health Organization, millions of African mothers, newborns and children continue to die by the diseases and conditions that are preventable every year. Africa is account for 60 percent of the world’s HIV/AIDS cases and 90 percent of malaria cases in the world. Most of those
affected are under the age of five. In fact, nearly 18,000 children under age 5 will die of mostly preventable causes, such as diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia. Do you believe that hundreds of millions of African children have never seen a healthcare worker during their lives? Children there have not been treated properly with the proper medication. In some cases, the children are currently given adult medications, such as pills that may be crushed and are not as effective, due to the under dosing, which in turn can lead to the virus becoming resistant to treatment. African children are needing help …..

No food, no hope…

foodad_hungrgychildren-2Without food, without hope”. Vast numbers of families today are not able to provide children with enough food due to the extreme poverty. It is beyond imagination that still there are so many people die from lack of food in the world we are living right now. By 2011, more than 30 million people in Africa suffered from the devastating hunger crisis; most of them are children and women. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 870 million people of the 7.1 billion people in the world, or one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012. Number of hungry people in Africa is growing over a period of time. Children are always the most visible and sensitive victims of hunger. Do not talk about dolls or toys, the most basic need – food – cannot be fulfilled; lives of African children are simply survival “food today means none tomorrow”.

We, who live in the comfort life, may have no idea what “hunger” is. Eating one meal a day is somehow too luxury for many children in Africa.  The ones who are lack of nutrition food will definitely become malnourished and suffer 160 days of killer illness at least every year, like diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia, because the malnutrition weakens their immunity and turns them too vulnerable.  Let’s join together, help the children survive and thrive….




Way to school is too … far


According to the Guardian, almost 70 million children across the world do not have the opportunity to go to school. Northeastern Africa is the area that there is least number of children having education. Somalia and Eritrea are the poorest countries, based on the educational systems. There are merely around 10% of children could able to join elementary school. The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 left more than 2.5 million children without a school. In sub-Sahara, Africa, more than 12 millions girls are at risk of never receiving an education. And more than half of those who are able to go to school receive the education for less than 4 years. Education is the inaccessible right to more than 80% of girls in Yemen.

The worst places in the world Organization has warned that the number of children out of school will keep increasing. Imagine that, more than 70 million children are not able to read and write, not able to know anything about the world, aside from their hometown. This urges the rich nations, groups or individuals to join hands together to provide more aids to the poorest countries, in terms of infrastructures, teachers and school suppliers. By this, all the children can earn the chance to gain knowledge – the only way to transform lives and break the cycle of poverty. Education is the best way to empower children, especially girls, with the tools, knowledge, strength and confidence they need to promote and protect their own rights, growth and self-sufficiency. Time for us to think and share …