Google Analytics Mobile application.

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In the United States today, there are more than 327 million mobile devices being used every day. The American mobile users averagely spend 127 minutes each day to check email, browse websites, do research or access other functions. (Street Fight Insights. (February, 2014). A study by Nielsen and Google published last month found that seventy seven of mobile searches are performed in a location of home or workplace where a PC is likely to be available. Mobile has been a growing buzzword in recent years and recognized as a top priority for businesses to engage with their customers. Noel Levitz 2013 E-Expectations Report showed the surprising impact of mobile browsing among the young adult toward their choices of universities/ colleges:

  • 75% of students claim higher education websites are influential in their decisions
  • More than 2/3 view higher education websites on mobile devices
  • Although only 20% had downloaded school apps, 71% indicated they would even like to complete enrollment via an app

Education search queries on mobile devices have been increasing approximately fifty percent year by year. Mobile site is an effective integral tool in helping colleges and universities connect with prospective students, who might become applicants eventually. However, in order to be more successful in engaging with students, schools should acknowledge the unique user behaviors on mobile devices by firstly, understanding the most popular landing site and the time on site. The new 2012 E-Recruiting Practices Report from Noel-Levitz claimed that over half of prospective students had used a mobile phone or table to view a college or university Web site. With the complexity of the cross-platform, schools need to utilize Google Analytics app so as to track the visitors from all referrers, including search engine, social networks or websites. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. About two years ago, Google brought Analytics to mobile apps of both Android and iOS which created the opportunity for businesses to manage visitors and monitor their pages anywhere, anytime.

One of the powerful features of Google Analytics is event tracking that supports schools track the numbers of people click on the ads, the reaction of viewers toward the video ads such as pausing, fast forwarding or stop playing. Through Google Analytics app, schools will get to know how many visitors visiting the website and the location of those audiences via LOCATIONS feature, where the viewers come from via the TRAFFIC SOURCES feature, and what are the active pages that visitors read and how many active visitors are on each of the pages via CONTENT. The other beautiful function of Google Analytics is to let schools know the exactly keywords that people use during their research, which is very much useful for schools to perfect their SEO. Through Google Analytics, schools also are able to know about the sources, for instance: Social media, ads or what links that lead viewers to their websites. This usage will assist schools identify more accurately the sources that schools should invest more in the future. Another wonderful identification is that Google Analytics can generate up to 85 different reportsthat will help schools analyze all possible data about their website traffic.

In fact, Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most widely used tool analytics application which is not only popular in education industry but also other fields. It is a powerful and free, why do not grab the mobile phone and download it for your business NOW!


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One thought on “Google Analytics Mobile application.

  1. Interesting post. The part that made the most impact is the stats on how much prospective students are looking at colleges and universities via mobile devices and how much a university’s website influences their decision. It would seem that mobile applications are the next wave of the future in terms of attracting perspective students and analytics is the way to get that process going by showing so many different types of information that needs to be utilized in the app creation.

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