Is it worth to take challenges and risks to go for brand social?

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With the saturation of the market, businesses have had to turn into another marketing strategy as the alternative for the traditional method in order to increase the sales as well as enhance brand awareness. The booming of internet and social media has opened the new door for businesses to penetrate into the market. Nowadays, social media is considered as the must-have tool that companies ought to adopt to unveil the market potential. Yet, there are still many challenges and risks that businesses might face to during the “taking brand social” proceed regardless they type of industry business specializes one.Let’s take a deep look at the education field to observe the difficulties it needs to overcome to be successful with online recruitment.


Choose the suitable platforms: Decide the optimal social media platforms to meet with target audience: Although the most popular social media site currently is Facebook, using only Facebook will be too limiting the school messages and reaching possibility. For instance, universities that recruit students for higher education like post graduate, should consider LinkedIn because of its popularity among the college students and professional career.  According to High Education Marketing, as of October 2011, approximately 14 million of LinkedIn’s total 161 million members were students.

Adopt social media rules: It is has been the question for many businesses whether companies should allow and encourage employees to online behalf of the companies. Actually, this strategy brings about the benefit to school in terms of quick response to the online issues. However, the downside of this challenge is how schools can manage and control the employees’ social media usage manners to reassure everyone is on the same page and there is no out-of control interaction between school staffs and online users. In order to address this challenge, schools must have the common social media using rules applying to everyone.

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Negative feedback: With social media, things can go viral within a second. Choosing going for social media, schools should be aware of the risk- reward scenario in order to address the negative spread as quick as possible before it gets worse. Identifying the negative buzz is the first step in tackling the issue, followed by responding to those feedbacks in the most professional manner instead of deleting them.

Information Leakage and Data loss: Confidential information of schools might face to the risk of being accessed by another party that causes the negative impacts when using social media. Not only it leads to financial loses but also the depreciated reputation. Especially, personal information data about students’ address, phone number or date of birth might create the serious risk toward students if the information is tempted to use for the negative purposes.

When schools decide to take the brand social, there are many challenges and risks that need to be analyzed and addressed in timely manner. However, it would be more detrimental if schools choose to avoid those difficulties by not taking brand social because schools will eliminate the opportunities to get touch with the massively untapped market.


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