Blogging/ Tweeting best practices

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Like any other social media platforms, content is the most important element that blog and Twitter need to focus on when doing blogging or tweeting. The content should include writing, image or video that relevant to the blog theme. The content must be fresh, exciting and engaging from the beginning to motivate the readers. That means the title and the first two paragraphs must create the good impression to keep readers to complete blog post which could be emotional, playful, informative or arguable. The tone used in the blog post should be casual, natural and conversational. The consistency is very important factor to announce the well care of bloggers toward their blogs or Twitter accounts. According to The Tao of Twitter of Mark W. Schaefer, tweet as least 20 minutes a day and a few times a day. However, bloggers should not overwhelm audiences with too much content updated too many times a day.

Another practice that businesses should generate is trying to respond to every comment that posted. Regardless the comment attitude is satisfied or dissatisfied because this is the good opportunity to demonstrate the business’s confidence toward its products/ image. Once the negative comments are handled correctly, business can show off its firmness in customer service and build rapport among others. Twitter account holders should engage with other users by re-tweeting somebody at least once a day, preferably more, because re-tweeting is another way to extend the compliment “Great job! I liked this tweet enough to share it”. (Schaefer, The Tao of Twitter). This is the good way to build up relationship with important followers.

The third best practice that should be applied in blogging or tweeting is taking advantage of SEO –search engine optimization to generate the blogs. The keywords or phrases used must be significant, especially in the title of the blog posts to bring the best outcome when somebody searches the relevant topic.

The other best practice that believed to be good for blogging and tweeting is to listen. According to Li and Bernoff in Groundswell, listening is the first tip to make the blog successful. “Listen to what’s being said out there before you drive in.” Listening is not only just simply listen but a very effective tool to conduct a marketing research, to gain the in-depth understanding about your target market and to socialize with those who discuss the same topic with you. “Listening is perhaps the most essential neglected skill in business”. (Li, Bernoff, Groundswell). Only starting by listening, bloggers can understand needs and wants of target customers to set up the optimal goal for their blogs as well as to develop the appropriate strategies to engage with customers effectively.

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There are a lot of practices that blogger or Twitter account holder should acknowledge to thrive their pages. However, in the limit of this blog post, I would like to discuss the four most basic and critical elements for blogging/tweeting, especially for the beginners. I believe that education recruitment have applied these practices to push their social pages close to target customers. However, not all the negative posts in social media are handled appropriately and professionally. In fact, some chose to delete those negative comments immediately once they saw them on their pages, instead of making the proper response to clarify things out which caused the worse situation. Another issue that schools in particular and businesses in general should take note is social media is a business development tool, not just a trend. It should be used as the communication channel to communicate with customers. Hence, businesses should try to invest time and labor on this channel to respond and interact with all of the commenter as much as possible.


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