Child labor


One million child labor in Africa’s goldmines” . One in five children in Sub-Sahara, a region in African, is child laborer. In fact, this area is abusing more than 38 million children to work in variety of fields, including commercial sexual exploitation. Yet, Sub-Sahara is still ranked second, behind Asia in absolute terms. According to a study of UNICEF in 2006, the numbers of working children aged from 5 to 14 in Bangladesh was almost 5 million. It is sad to know that child labor is widely accepted and becomes common norms in Bangladesh society. On average, children here work 23 hours a week and earned 3.3 USD a week. So many children quits school to work and earn for living. Working children are facing with the risk of exploitation, sexual abuse and violence. 60 percent of child laborers reported to be slapped during their work. Not to mention that a huge numbers of child workers devoted their hard-work to get nothing, except accommodation food and clothing. More likely, these children have to live away from families. The vulnerability puts them at high risk of being raped and lured into sex work, which massively destroys their physical and psychological health.


It is high time to change the social norms. The social norms that take away from children their absolute rights. It is high time to fight for child laborers’ rights. The rights of being paid fairly, of not being abused, of being able to use the communication channels….



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