Red or Blue?


Life is full of color. If red represents for the energy and activeness, blue is associated with calm and peace. Missing red or blue, life will no longer be completed. The difference between red and blue reminds me two contrast movies I had watched years ago – The Social Network and Life of Pi. I found the characteristics of red in the Social Network and shades of blue from the solitude of Life of Pi.

Even though Life of Pi draws a breath-taking story about a survival fight of a small human being against a big fierce animal and the anger of nature, it held me in some quite and slow flashback moments, for me to perceive and view life from another angle.


There are so many times, I am frustrated or disappointed about myself for the failure in achieving some targets. I seem to fall more in depression when seeing people around enjoying their success. It is totally not the envy; it is all about self-dissatisfaction. Watching the type of movie like the Social Network gives me motivation because it urges me to try harder in order not to be out of date from this technological and hectic life. It is a good springboard to push you upward. That is why I see the nature of red in the Social Network. However, the plausible paradox of life is that the more you are excited, the more disappointment you get when you fail.

Those are the moments I need something different, like Life of Pie. I want to “absorb” this life from the solitude angle to appreciate the happiness surrounding me. The happiness which is always existing, but you and I sometimes do not recognize.

No pain is more painful than losing the entire family and no scare is scarier than facing with the boundary of life and death. Pi did face all of them. Pi did not have chance to think about his future, think about his failure, think about his success, think about his career, think about his ambition or even his dream. The only think he can think about is surviving. How to survive!

He is there. And I am here; surrounded by the ones I love and love me. I am here; wrapped tight by the warm and soft comforter. I find how lucky I am. The self-dissatisfied feeling is gone. I care for nothing, except how to value and enjoy the precious life I have with my precious people. And I call it is blue.

I realize that red or blue is not ruled by the circumstances, but by me. I might forget sometimes and paint my life with too much red or too much blue. I need that thirty party to balance myself, enough red to be confident and energetic and enough blue to stay clam and feel the life. Thanks the Social Network and Life of Pi – my red and blue.





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