Internet and its two sides of the coin.

Color_Life_by_LewendInternet impacts virtually every single aspect, from personal relationships to education or business. Marketing research is one of the fields that are majorly impacted by the development of the Internet. Years ago, if researchers wanted to look for any information, they had to spend hours and hours to have their noses in a book. In the recent years, the Internet revolution has carved out the opportunities to assist the researchers to compete their jobs more effectively in a timely manner. One of the major assets of the Internet is the flexibility, accessibility and convenience. The Internet can be used as the outstanding communication channel to enrich the data collection in market research. Nowadays, Internet is considered as the excellent resource for researchers to look for information related to their research topics. “Using Internet for research is mainly to gather evidence based resources materials, extract numerous and diverse sample which increases information power and different from university based research” (UKEssay, 2003, para.2).

However, in addition to the positive impacts that Internet has on marketing research, there are some negative issues, that researchers need to be aware of when using internet for doing research. Such as the credibility and reliability of the sources.

The key implications of the Internet for research professionals and marketing companies: Internet is promising to play a prominent role in researching of professionals or marketing companies. The key positive implications of the Internet for research professionals and marketing companies are monitoring, controlling, tracking and interconnecting for every research topics (Dimov, 2012). Because aside from allowing the researchers and researcher companies to get the needed information in the fasted and cheapest way, Internet also helps them listen to have the conversation with the audiences to get their thoughts. Nevertheless, the negative implications are the security issue in collecting data and privacy issue when using Internet, which requires the more attention from the Internet users.


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