Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting my blog. This blog discusses about the benefit of implementation social media into school recruitment.

Imagine all the people live in a flat world where cultures, languages and achievements are shared; all people have higher awareness about protecting the environment, creating peace everywhere, there is no war and everyone is compassionate to each fellow creature. I do not think that they are impossible to accomplish because I have a steadfast belief in Education and I understand so well that education can change a human life in particular and the world in general. I want to work more for an International Educational Organization, which gives me the opportunity to travel all over the world and to let everyone know about the importance of Education and how it impacts human lives, to broaden all parents’ thoughts and motivate everyone, especially the youth, to make Education as a priority.

That is why I chose to focus on talking about educational field in this blog. I will be happy reading your comments.

Thank you


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