Please help! I’m …. dying


The lack of medical care causes the large numbers of child deaths in Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, every 1000 people, there is only one healthcare worker. And half of African does not have the access to essential drugs, which lead to the fact that every 30 second, at least one African child is killed by malaria or Bilharzia. The public hospital system here is always short of workers, medical equipment, ambulances, towels or bathrooms… Several patients died because of the unavailable or broken equipment. Among African countries, Uganda is account for the worst healthcare matter. In this country, more than 50% of population does not have any contact with public healthcare facilities. One in every 200 births ends the mother’s life, around 1 million people are living with HIV and malaria accounts for 14% of all deaths.


According to the World Health Organization, millions of African mothers, newborns and children continue to die by the diseases and conditions that are preventable every year. Africa is account for 60 percent of the world’s HIV/AIDS cases and 90 percent of malaria cases in the world. Most of those
affected are under the age of five. In fact, nearly 18,000 children under age 5 will die of mostly preventable causes, such as diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia. Do you believe that hundreds of millions of African children have never seen a healthcare worker during their lives? Children there have not been treated properly with the proper medication. In some cases, the children are currently given adult medications, such as pills that may be crushed and are not as effective, due to the under dosing, which in turn can lead to the virus becoming resistant to treatment. African children are needing help …..


Way to school is too … far


According to the Guardian, almost 70 million children across the world do not have the opportunity to go to school. Northeastern Africa is the area that there is least number of children having education. Somalia and Eritrea are the poorest countries, based on the educational systems. There are merely around 10% of children could able to join elementary school. The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 left more than 2.5 million children without a school. In sub-Sahara, Africa, more than 12 millions girls are at risk of never receiving an education. And more than half of those who are able to go to school receive the education for less than 4 years. Education is the inaccessible right to more than 80% of girls in Yemen.

The worst places in the world Organization has warned that the number of children out of school will keep increasing. Imagine that, more than 70 million children are not able to read and write, not able to know anything about the world, aside from their hometown. This urges the rich nations, groups or individuals to join hands together to provide more aids to the poorest countries, in terms of infrastructures, teachers and school suppliers. By this, all the children can earn the chance to gain knowledge – the only way to transform lives and break the cycle of poverty. Education is the best way to empower children, especially girls, with the tools, knowledge, strength and confidence they need to promote and protect their own rights, growth and self-sufficiency. Time for us to think and share …




Water for life


Did you know that “nearly one billion children, a sixth of the world’s population do not have access to safe drinking water”?. And did you know that “more than 2,6 billion people are without basic sanitation”?. It is probably over our imagination, because water is too reachable for us, just …. a tap away. But it is so true. While we are enjoying and sometimes, squandering water, more than 1600 children over the world die under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by unsafe water. “When people are desperately thirsty, they are willing to take the risk of disease by consuming water that may not be healthy. For them – it’s either risk infection or die from thirst! It is a horrible position to be in.” (Missionaries of Africa, Water crisis).


Devastating lack of water is putting African people and all types of living existence on the verge of dying. Not yet discuss about education, medication or food, satisfying the most basic need of humans – drinking – is too critical for the huge numbers of people, especially African. In order get water, most of African women ought to walk far and carry heavy water containers on their exhausted backs. Continue reading