Sun shines by the window.


Happyin21 days, is it possible? People may spend their whole lives to seek for happiness, is it possible for me to achieve my happiness in 21 days? That is the first question coming into mind when my pretty Social Media professor told us to experience this campaign. I threw back at her a half smile with the thought “OK, I will try because of …. grading”.

The first day and second day, I followed what she said as a machine. I wrote down the names of three people that I thought of and send out the thank you note to the ones who had done the nice things to me. After the first two days, I started feeling excited because I got back some beautiful messages from the ones I sent the notes to.


The third day, there was no name naturally appearing in mind. But I needed to find some ones. I dig into email, Facebook message folder and cellphone message to recall some events. I was surprised when finding out that there were several messages and emails had been sent to me for months and years but I did not reply, some even were not read. I responded them all with the apologies and addressed all the issues mentioned on those messages. I did not forget to add the nice memories we had together and thank them for every simple thing they did for me, and I am sure some of those, they even did not remember.

It kept going on, not just for 21 days, but until now, probably 60 days more or less. I no longer count the days as I did when starting, because I no longer consider it as an assignment but excitement. I am excited reading their responses ,that how happy they are when getting messages from me, that how surprised they are when I contact them and how beautiful it is when I still remember them. I don’t know if it is call HAPPINESS yet, but I know so well that I am happy with what I have been doing and I have improved my relationships with people around a lot. Sometimes, I find myself smile alone with nothing and I find myself spending more time to enjoy the fresh morning air, the cool breeze or a beautiful wild flower by the street.

I chose the title “Sun shines by the window” for this topic because never better than now, I cherish and love the feeling of waking up early, open the curtain to feel the shinny sunshine through my window. That is when I know I have another new day for loving …..

Thanks Happyin21,